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Disadvantages of using a shared CDN provider

Disadvantages of a Shared CDN Provider The truth about shared streaming CDN now revealed. Here are the top reasons why IVB7 let’s you own your CDN infrastructure. You may have heard wonderful things about transmitting websites and media content via a content delivery network (CDN), things like performance, scalability, reliability, and lower costs.  You may have heard […]

Self Streaming RTMP in-built into the Livebox Streaming Server

Yet another revolutionary live streaming innovation with server based automatic live streaming. Hands-free live video streaming is the way to go When you use the LiveboxTM Live Streaming server wth GPU, you don’t need a seperate PC to be turned on to do the Live Video Streaming. The Livebox CDN server will be your one stop automated assistant to […]

What’s all the hype about this new Livebox?

We asked some of our existing customers and employees to share a few quotes or sayings about LiveboxTM. Here’s what they really had to say : Livebox is a revolutionary technology to broadcast live 4k or HD Video through its powerful Cloud based Streaming Content Delivery Network. (Streaming -CDN) . Livebox is a highly scalable network that […]

Live video streaming and server without recurring costs

CDTECH is the only streaming product manufacturer who can provide Live video streaming without recurring costs. Are you tired of paying again and again every month or every year for your Live streaming CDN service? Well, here’s good news for you. You no longer need to pay for streaming servers because now you can OWN one. We  […]

Best Live Streaming server with IPTV and Set Top Box

The best Live Streaming Server now supports running your own TV hub to distribute your live channels. Did you know that you can manage IPTV with the all new IVB7’s Livebox server? Compatible receiver devices with the LiveboxTM server : IVB7 Receiver unit – for long distance Transmission / Receiving IVB7 Set top box – (Linux / Android) – For […]

The influence of IVB7 in the evolution of Live Video Streaming

The influence of IVB7 in the evolution of Live Video Streaming. Learn about how IVB7 is the real history maker in the live video Streaming arena! Today the demand of the users for the live streaming videos is growing. It doesn’t show any kind of slowness because the users demand the quality with the quantity as well. It’s […]

IVB7 live video streaming encoder

Let’s have a look at all the features of Webstreamer, the first software video encoder with features like h.265 encoding, 360* video encoding and more… The IVB7’s own encoder is also easy and quick to use with LiveboxTM although LiveboxTM supports various other encoders like Wirecast,XSplit,Vmix,OBS Studio and hardware encoders. Streaming Features: Live streaming with Interactivity. Stream live in High Quality even through low bandwidth. Ability […]