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Wireless video transmission over long distances

The IVB7 video receiver is the only equipment that is meant purely for remote video receiving. It comes with an in-built speedtest and instant monitoring. You can monitor accurately whether the video is playing on the remote receiver or not plus you can control the remote receiver directly through the IVB7’s Livebox live video server.

The remote receiver is compatible with any streaming server however the remote monitoring feature is available exclusively through the LiveboxTM live streaming server.

The IVB7 Internet video transmitter and receiver are a one of a kind equipment duo that allow you to broadcast high quality video feeds over the internet and receive them using the IVB7 remote video receiver at any location.

The IVB7 internet video transmitter is a rock solid reliable video encoder that can transmit video over the internet through long distances.

Why should you use the IVB7 internet video transmitter over other wireless video transmitting and receiving equipments?

Only the IVB7 internet video transmitter and receiver allow you to receive videos over very long distances through the internet at an extremely low cost. Try transmitting video over wifi or other wireless means and your costs will be extremely high with those equipments. However with the IVB7 video receiver, you can hook it up with any live rtmp or standard protocol compliant video transmission channel.

Using a combination of the IVB7 video transmitter,Livebox multi protocol based live video server and the IVB7 receiver, you can receive video seamlessly in any location.

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